With dermal fillers, enjoy a refreshed, vivacious look without downtime.  At Beautiphi Aesthetics, our experienced, certified injector, Kelly Hermans, CRNA, can help you decide if dermal fillers will achieve the results you wantDermal fillers reverse many of the most visible signs of aging:

  • Soften fine lines, wrinkles and creases
  • Restore volume lost from diminishing subcutaneous fat
  • Augment thin lips
  • Soften dark circles beneath the eyes

A filler is administered via injection with a thin needle. The area of injection depends on the type of filler.  Some are administered deep beneath the layers of tissue, while others are placed closer to the surface. 

All products used at Beautiphi Aesthetics contain hyaluronic acid.  What makes hyaluronic acid so effective is that it binds with water molecules in your skin, thereby providing a hydrated, plump, natural look.  

Age is associated with less subcutaneous fat in the face, which makes it easier to see the creases of the deflated skin. With dermal fillers these lines and creases are drastically softened by plumping and adding back the loss volume.  The process is subtle, though the change in your appearance is dramatic – years of aging reversed in one session. Results last for one to two years!

Sessions are typically 30 minutes